Doing our part

I scream you scream we all scream... ICE CREAM:) 

Atleast that is what we grew up believing that as kids, if we were to scream out for ice cream, and if you had completed your homework, you would indeed get, an ice cream. 
What better way for us at Mum's Kulfi to keep the spirit of the allure of ice cream for kids alive and well. 

We started a campaign where, for each box of 10 pieces of more, we will contribute one kulfi from our side to a child would love but not necessarily have the means to buy, a Kulfi ice cream. 

Rumah Hope (Our Sanctuary)

The kids of Rumah Hope were treated to 30 pieces of Mums Kulfi recently :) 

Shelter Home for Children

40 lovely children from the Shelter home in PJ were treated to an assortment of Mum's Kulfi in March 2021

Comforter Home 

We were blessed to reach out to Comforter Home where we were able to give each of the 15 children, a kulfi ice cream